About what we do with Leaking Roof Repairs

If you sit with a leaking roof repair problem that needs to be repaired, then MHS Contractors can do it for you. It is an easy task if you have the right contractor with the right knowledge. You can’t just go and slap some “pap en lap” on the roof, NO, NO, NO!!! MHS team can do it the proper way with a guarantee up to 14 years.

We have a whole list of satisfied clients and you can be part of that list. Do not hesitate to pick up that phone and give MHS team a call. It is as easy as one two three to get your problems to an end. Click on our about page on the website and check out our Team. MHS Leaking Roof Repairs team uses a proper high-quality water based acrylic waterproofing applied on a stitch bonded polyester fabric.

We also apply a UV resistant paint over the waterproofing afterwards. There are different products to use to seal a roof, it all depend on the kind of roof. It is a complicated story if you don’t know all the facts. It happened few times now that we end up fixing other leaking roof repair companies’ problems, because of their knowledge. There are so many guys out there that only try to fix roofs because they can make a bug or two. They don’t care if they steel a client’s money, as long as they can walk away with cash in their hand.